Monday, 11 March 2013

Ruma Toru , 2013

 Finally all 17 children were at school today.

Say CHEESE :-)

Meet Room 3 for 2013.

Nelson Provincial Museum

Last Wednesday - 6th March Room 3 headed into town to visit the Nelson Provincial Museum. We learnt all about the endangered  Powelliphanta (Snail). These particular land snails are found mainly in our region, Te Tau Ihu. 
 At the end of our visit we were told our behaviour was SUPERB and this made Miss Della Bosca very proud of her class. 
Here are some snaps of very enthusiastic learners.
- Enjoy
Miss Della Bosca


Room Three has had so much fun this term learning to swim. A big thanks to the awesome Pattison's swimming instructors! We learnt how to put our heads under the water, float, kick, use the flutter boards, over-arm stroke, back stroke and EVEN DIVING!!
Here are some snaps from our lessons and also our wonderful Nayland Pool Trip!

Room Three waiting to safely slide into the pool.
It was such a hot day so they couldn't wait to hop in!!

 We were practicing picking up diving sticks from the bottom of the pool.

We were so brave learning to dive off the side of the pool.
 Awesome dive in action by Max and Mackenzie.

 Ella, waiting patiently to go on the slide into the pool.

Nayland Pool Fun!!!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Room Three 2013

Welcome to our Room 3 Blog for 2013.

This is a fantastic place for you to look at all the wonderful things we are doing this year.
Our Blog will be regularly updated with new photo's and examples of our work.
Enjoy and please feel free to comment!

- Room 3 and Miss Della Bosca